Natural stone is an environmentally friendly natural building material with a thousand-year history of use. It is used for the manufacture of various products such as tabletops, window sills, fountains, portals of fireplaces, steps, etc. The Fresco Ceramics company offers a wide range of natural stone - granite and marble from world manufacturers (Italy, Germany, Spain, India, Brazil, China).


    Facing with natural stone is one of the currently most popular areas in the design of premises, and this material looks equally good in both classical and modern interiors, both in residential and public buildings. Natural stone has exquisite beauty, a unique pattern that will make any interior exclusive. In addition, this natural building material is famous for its durability and practicality in use, and, therefore, its service life is almost unlimited. In our climate, frost resistance of natural stone is one of its main advantages.


 A real stone processing plant is inconceivable without an extensive warehouse of natural stone in blocks and slabs. It is from the block that the movement to the finished product begins. Having the blocks available, you can immediately begin production - slabs, tiles, architectural elements, balls, balustrades, etc. Our warehouse constantly contains the most extensive range of marble and granite blocks, which is about 1000 cubic meters from 70 deposits of Russia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Italy, Germany, Brazil, India and other countries of the world. Along with 250 types of stone in the warehouse in the form of slabs, this is one of the most important advantages of the company.


   Our main customers are general contractors for the construction of buildings and structures, implementing large complex projects. As a rule, they are required in a strictly limited time to produce a variety of products from natural stone: facing tiles, paving slabs, columns, stairs, entrance groups, balustrades and so on. Therefore, it is very important that the stone processing plant can carry out all types of operations not only sequentially, but also simultaneously, since without this it is impossible to produce a wide range of products efficiently and on time. We have modern production lines and many auxiliary equipment for the production of natural stone products and, without exaggeration, we can fulfill any order in complexity and volume.


The appearance of a private house outside speaks about the social status of the owner, his tastes, style and lifestyle. Therefore, when building or repairing the exterior, it is important to choose beautiful and high-quality finishing materials. Facing the facade with a stone in this matter is unparalleled. It can only cover a basement, part of the facade or the entire private house, combined with plaster or wood - in any case, it will give the house a natural aesthetic and old-world charm. The facade of natural stone is the most expensive, chic and difficult to install option. Natural stone rocks have been used in the construction and decoration of houses for hundreds of years, providing excellent durability and an authentic look. For modern facade cladding, natural stone is cut into slabs of various sizes and shapes.


   A shop and a restaurant, a shopping and entertainment center, an office and an official representative office of the company are all commercial premises, the decoration of which has long been a separate area of ​​interior art. Unlike home interiors, where the customer can be guided only by their own taste during the design process, the general rules and decor requirements should be considered when creating a design project for any commercial premises. It is also recommended to give preference only to high-quality and presentable materials that will create a positive image of the company or institution in the eyes of potential customers. From this point of view, natural stone is a real find!

  The use of natural stone texture in the interior of the premises of various public areas is justified in terms of the variability of aesthetics, practicality and presentability of these materials.



   Natural stone has long been used in construction. It was used in the construction of walls of fortresses and towers, public buildings and residential buildings. So, in Ancient Egypt, limestone and sandstone were used for the construction of pyramids and sphinxes, in Ancient Greece, monuments of the Acropolis, in particular the Parthenon, standing on a foundation of limestone blocks, and its columns are carved from marble, are still preserved. Many other historical monuments made of natural stone have survived to our days: the Colosseum, Inca pyramids, Stonehenge, Palmyra and others.

   Today we can observe the Moscow Kremlin, which is based on white Myachkov limestones, numerous temples, churches and cathedrals, also built of natural stone. Monasteries were built exclusively from natural stone. In St. Petersburg, the use of granite and diorite can also be seen almost throughout the center: numerous columns, stairs, railings, steps and fences are made of them. Pedestals, monuments and memorials - most often made of natural material.


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